Producer / Director
A BGI/Norris Highway Production


Computers, mobile phones, screens and tablets have become an intrinsic part of our daily lives revolutionising the way we interact, communicate and view the world. Keeping up with the latest models and lifestyle products has firmly positioned us consumers as the driving force behind a runaway cycle of technological advancement. But how sustainable is this growth?  How finite are the resources that go into these electronics? 

From container ports in the US, to the organisations in the UK rethinking the way we manufacture things, to the developing technology markets of Ghana, E-LIFE will investigate the value within the average computer, the recycling and disposal processes involved in extracting that value and, just how long we can continue to manufacture without a product's end of life in mind.

Update: E-LIFE, through its distributor Espresso Media, has sold to 7 different territories so far. Please contact elifefilm@gmail.com for more details.