Ed is a producer at CNN International Studios based in London. Following a short career in governmental research and investigative journalism, he made the jump into documentary film-making. His first film Plastic Shores was premiered at the United Nations in March 2012 and has since gone on to be distributed in 16 countries and in 6 languages. Following the success of Plastic Shores, he became a freelance commercial producer.

Ed's next documentary E-LIFE explores what happens to our electronic waste. Travelling from Ghana to the US, the UK to the Netherlands, E-LIFE was completed in 2016 and is being made with the support of Castlefield Investments, Alliance Trust Investments, and Norris Highway Productions. Distribution begins in 2017.

Full CV:

Lead Producer ‘MasterCard Africa’ CNN social & digital series

Lead Producer ‘Global Gateway’ CNN digital & TV series

Lead Producer ‘Best of Hong Kong’ CNN Travel digital series

Lead Producer ‘Taiwan in a Day’ CNN Travel digital film

Producer ‘Great By Design’ CNN digital & TV series

Producer 'The Adorned' CNN Style digital & TV series

Producer 'Tate Britain: David Hockney VR' Happy Finish

Producer 'Chevrolet VR' Happy Finish

Post-Production Producer 'Built to Last' Fairphone

Post-Production Producer 'Ted Baker' Happy Finish

Producer 'O2 Music VR' Happy Finish

Producer/Director 'The Crown Estate' MSL/The Chase Films

Producer/Director 'Circular Cellular' Dell

Producer/Director 'NetBase Online' NetBase

Producer 'ZSL London Zoo TVC' The Chase Films

Producer/Director 'McKinsey Review' CK Productions

Producer 'Castlefield Testimonials' The Chase Films

Producer 'Private White V.C.' The Chase Films

Production Manager 'Native Instruments' Artists & Engineers

Producer/Director ‘E-LIFE’ A Castlefield/Alliance/Norris Highway Production

Producer/Director 'The Great Escape Mockumentary' MTG

Producer 'If I Had a Voice' Panthalassa

Producer '#plentymorefish with Pixie Geldof' Oceana

Producer 'The Weather Machine' David Shearing

1st AD '"Spectrum" Boy in a Band Music Video' Shape History

Director 'Friska Meat Free Monday' Deckchair Productions

Producer 'Voguette Greta Bellamacini' Vogue Italia

Producer ‘Lord Snowdon and David Bailey in Conversation’ Snowdon Review

London CoOrdinator 'MasterCard Priceless Cities' Zero Point Zero Productions

2nd AD 'And Then I Was French' Dog Eared Films

Producer ‘Living Symphonies’ The Arts Council

Producer '"Soul in America" Howe Music Video' Deckchair Productions

Producer '"Sword in the Stone" Howe Music Video' Deckchair Productions

Producer 'The Daily Mail Live Magazine Online Films' Deckchair Productions

Producer 'Ovo Energy Web Commercials' Deckchair Productions

Producer ‘"Las Tortugas" A Documentary on Turtle Conservation' World Animal Protection

Co-Producer/Director 'Dr Newman’s Clinic Web Commercial' Deckchair Productions

Co-Producer/Director 'Astor Hostels Commercial' Deckchair Productions

Producer/Director 'Body Works West online' Deckchair Productions

Second Unit Director 'The Underground Railroad’ Grant Larson Productions

Co-producer/Director ‘Six Seconds to Die’ Deckchair Productions

Co-producer/Co-director '"The Cayman Island Turtle Farm" A Documentary' The Ecologist Film Unit

Producer/Director 'College of Medicine Online' Lotus Events

Producer ‘Dear World, a behind the scenes film’ Lean Two Productions

Co-Producer/Director ‘Plastic Shores’ LMV Productions

2nd AD ‘Always the Sun’ Minds Eye Media