Deux Ex Machina

One last drive on the fundraising for #deusexmachina. We reached our target and cannot thank everyone enough! 

Deus ex Machina has been with me for over two years now in one form or another; from it's dark, dank roots inside of my brain, to the penning of the original short play (entitled The Writer & The OAP), two successful performances at short play festivals, and with the prompting of a plethora of people (four or five, I can't quite remember) urging me to turn the short play into a short we are. It has been a labour of love and, now, myself & my merry band of beautiful idiots are asking you to fund our short film. Why should you? Allow me to expound.

The Writer & The OAP was the first play I wrote. In fact, it was the first thing I have ever seen through from inception to denouement, in both my personal and professional life. It led me to Jonathan Holby, a fantastic director and more importantly cracking friend, who found more than what I wrote on the page and who has a vision for the aesthetic of the short film that I am in awe of (more of that later), Julia Faulkner, our leading lady who has attacked every day on this project with a grace & gusto cocktail that I could never dream of concocting within myself, Kristina Epenetos, our actress and co-producer lioness whose infectious energy effects you and propels you but one way- forwards; finally, with a guiding hand, a mountain of knowledge, and a calming influence we have our producer Edward Scott-Clarke. The final piece in this glorious jigsaw.