Artists & Engineers and Private White V.C.

Two major shoots over two weeks, both with incredible production companies. At the end of August I had the privilege to work as production manager for the creative wonder house that is Artists & Engineers. A&E are a pretty unique company, as a quick glance at their website will show, as they aren't a regular film production company at all. They describe themselves as a "production company offering technology and production services to artists, brands, and cultural institutions" and film is only one small cog in the great machine. The client this time around was Native Instruments, although what we were filming, or who, has to remain a secret for now. 

The second shoot was the long planned shoot with Chase Films with Private White V.C. The seed for this was planted at the beginning of this year and the shoot finally went ahead last week. With oscar nominated director and producer team Mark Gill and Baldwin Lee at the helm, along with myself, it was three days of journeying around the Lancashire countryside visiting the supply chain of the Private White brand, from sheep, to mill, to factory, to shop. It was an incredible shoot focussing on the ethos behind the brand and the importance of localism and quality in the manufacturing process. Their motto is "from sheep to shop within 10 miles" and they really do live by that. The workforce is local, the wool is local, and the weaving is local. It's a model by which more should operate! No photos to be released yet but expect a completion date for end of October.