Post-Production on E-LIFE

2016. January is typically a dead month for freelancers in the film industry, or it has been for me for the past 2 years. Possibly something to do with mince pie hangovers and short cold days. This year though it's all a go. The Chase Films is keeping me on my toes with producing my first TV ad and E-LIFE has entered post-production. This invariably means a lot of long long days as I work for the agency during the day, and on E-LIFE by night. Finally though, the first draft of the E-LIFE script, co-written with the journalist Huw Poraj-Wilczynski, is out for comments. With 3 distributors already interested, things are looking pretty fair-weather for the doc. After 2 years of work on it, this is a bit of a relief I can tell you. 

Here is an online ad I did for Artists & Engineers last year. What an awesome shoot.