US Leg of Circular Cellular Complete

Production for Circular Cellular has kicked off in earnest with two weeks filming in California. Interviews with Chris Guenther from the Ellen McArthur Foundation and Anthony Borges of Electronic Recyclers International. The deadline for completion of the project is mid-August and so things are moving along at a cracking pace. The Chase Films, my agency, has kindly said they will manage the post-production, with Patrick Fry taking control of the graphic element of the film. 

In other news, it will be interesting to see how the EU referendum affects the artistic community in the UK. I returned from California yesterday in time to vote and was genuinely shocked by the disparity between London, which was very much in favour of staying in the European bloc, and the rest of the country (England that is). Demographic trends in the country seem to imply if you are white, of lower income, and live outside a major urban centre then you would have voted My own personal point of view is that an issue like this should have never been put to the vote. The sentiment of people having "had enough of the experts" is terrifying, and mirrors the anti-intellectualism of Trump's politics in the US. What on earth are experts for if not to listen to them?