O2 and Tate: Hockney, two more projects go live

In one day two other commercial projects go live. The first is a linear 360 experience of the new David Hockney exhibition at the Tate Britain. Presented by Sara Cox, the viewer gets an exclusive view of the empty gallery as Sara chats to curator Chris Stephens about the artwork. It was released on Facebook today and has received 30,000 views in 15 minutes. 

The second, a major VR commercial for O2, went live in store this week. Unfortunately it is not live online yet but I'll post about it as soon as it does. The blurb from O2 reads as follows: 

"Featuring a cast of over 100 and filmed by a crew of almost 30, the experience offers two experiences in one – allowing users to live through a pre-performance at an O2 Academy venue as either a music fan or a member of a band.

Using a unique, interactive and switchable storytelling mechanic, users can constantly swap between the music fan and band perspectives – experiencing first-hand how the excitement builds both in front of and behind the stage.

The experience is the first time an O2 Academy venue has given 360° ‘behind the scenes’ access, with the band point-of-view showcasing how musicians build up to an event – from leaving the tour bus to being backstage in the dressing room – eventually building to a crescendo of the band walking on stage to an onslaught of noise that transports the user directly to the live music arena."